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For just $8 USD, Discover The Formula Jayne Used To Transform Her Energy, Heal From A Terminal Diagnosis, And Reclaim Her Life, 
Inside The Book You’ll See:
  • How to remove energy blocks, reconnect to your passion and unlock your confidence to create the life you truly want.
  • ​My personal energy toolkit, including practical energy skills and psychological techniques used by myself and my private clients to heal, recharge and create resonant connections with others for life and business success.
  • How to live a life deeply in tune with yourself and others around you without losing yourself in the process.
  • ​The 21-Day Energy Cleanse that helped me to understand my human energy field, heal from a terminal diagnosis, and transform my energy in all areas of my life, both personally and professionally.
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Inside The Book You'll See:
  • Energy evaluations to assess your own energy at each of the seven levels…
  • ​The most effective, practical energy tools to support positive energy flow in your life, relationships and professional career…
  • ​Alignment between multi-dimensional energy and the practical realities of life, (we make it real for you) …
  • ​And how to raise your consciousness to live a truly meaningful life.

Inside Of This Digital Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given…

  • The one major mindset shift that has helped me to create the life and business I want (and it can do the same for you!). Page 3
  • ​How to harness and activate your life’s energy to fulfill your potential and mobilize your energy flow. Page 15
  • ​A framework you can use to build a strong energetic foundation that can attract more energy into your life. Page 18
  • ​How to prepare your body, mind and soul for the journey ahead. Page 24
  • ​How to open your heart to love, heal your emotional wounds and learn how to work powerfully with energy. Page 29
  • ​Discover how to supercharge your finances and improve your cashflow. Page 46
  • ​How to reconnect with your body and trust its wisdom. Page 52
  • ​How to NEVER allow limiting beliefs to unconsciously run your life. Page 61
  • ​My secret One-Minute Balancing Tool for releasing stagnant energy and freeing up your creativity. (If you’re short on time you’ll LOVE this!) Page 70
  • ​How to move your love life in the right direction, to shift significant relationships into a deeper level of fulfillment. Page 85
  • ​Think it’s impossible to protect your energy AND stay open to the positive? FALSE. Discover how you lose power rapidly, and create energetic boundaries that make it easier for you to say ‘no’. Page 100
  • ​Learn how to become unshakeable in your confidence, so you can cope with whatever life throws your way. Page 106
  • ​Just because your heart has been hurt in the past, doesn’t mean you can never love again. Learn how. Page 129
  • ​I will help you to breakthrough your fears and plug your energy leaks to make the most of the energy you do have. Page 136
  • ​MYTH = You can’t speak your truth. WRONG! The reason why being truly honest is so important to your energetic development, and what you can do this with kindness before you waste even more energy pretending to be someone you are not. Page 159
  • ​STOP putting your life on hold! Find the places you get stuck and learn how to let go of the things that are getting in the way of your dreams. Page 163
  • ​Understand how to use the most powerful indicators in your life to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and insights about your direction in life. This is a game-changer! Page 170
  • ​How to live a purposeful life and uncover what needs to happen for you to feel fully aligned with your purpose on a daily basis. Page 194
  • ​How to trust your intuition and use it in ways that enhance the quality of your life and business. Page 203
  • ​How you need to bring your vision down into physical reality and the real tools to help you do just that (no, wishful thinking alone doesn’t work). Page 208
  • ​Why healing your spirit and empowering your soul helps you to overcome resistance, especially in modern day life. Page 224
  • ​Shift your entire relationship with life. Learn how. Page 231
  • ​How to put these tools, strategies and steps into action, so you can stop getting in your own way and start living a more resonant life instead… Page 240

How Am I So Confident The System Inside The Empath’s 21-Day Energy Cleanse Will Work For You?

This is the exact way I learned how to manage my own personal energy that helped me to heal from a terminal diagnosis in 2004. In truth, back then I thought this was simply a system I could use to heal my physical body from pain and illness, but as I continued with my energy work and as I became better, started reaching back out to clients, I soon realized that my energy actually affected everything in my life.

Once I understood how to create a flow state, it affected everything from my relationships to the amount of money flowing through my business.

As I write this I realize how weird it sounds, I’m not sure I would believe my words either, it sounds too good to be true, I know. 

But the truth is it works…

I can say this with confidence because I’ve now worked with hundreds of clients and helped them to harness their energy as a powerful force in their lives…

1184 students have also followed this same energy cleanse system, and been able to turn their lives around as well!

I receive messages daily, that because the energy cleanse has helped them to escape the overwhelm they were trapped in…
They’re now finally freed up to enjoy more of life.

They’re spending less time feeling stuck, absorbing other people’s negativity and being weighed down by the pain of the world…

And more time with their family and friends, enjoying new hobbies, building their businesses/career or just taking care of their own health.

So, I’m quietly confident that you too will be joining the ranks of these happy clients once you implement the strategies inside The Empath’s 21-Day Energy Cleanse.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Check out these posts and testimonials I’ve got from students experiencing this same kind of energetic freedom from their online course:

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Inside The Empath’s 21-Day Energy Cleanse You’ll See:
  • Real-life examples from real people who have followed my system and created a much better quality of life as a result…
  • ​Powerful tools to use to overcome ‘stuck energy’ and reconnect to the natural flow of your life…
  • And, what becomes possible when you step into the power of your energy…
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